Received my goods yesterday.
Was afraid to buy at first but received new product in original packaging and everything works great.
Will update if anything changes.


The i9 is the newest 8-core not the 6-core. I’ve ordered from this exact listing and received the 8-core 2019 MacBook Pro looks great and is super fast. Excited to use it.


It looks shiny, worked great on the first day.
It doesn't turn on anymore on the second day.
Returning it for a replacement, we'll see how long this one lasts.



Change from 1-star to 4-star since the replacement has been working fine for 2 weeks now. Overall a great computer! It does really heat up when playing graphics-intensive games. I'm afraid it is burning too hot, but there doesn't seem to be problems so far.


Great macpro, that make my works better than ever.
my spec 3.0GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Chin w

Bought the Apple Mac Pro 2013 256GB ( Performance as expected from Apple, but cheaper from this vendor!!!


My order was fine, aside from I ordered silver and I got a white or pearly white color. Which is not what I wanted.


Paid for a 256gb Gold XSmax, but received a 64gb Gray Xs max. Sigh


Horrible, my package came on unsealed but new


A friend referred me to this site and I was very happy with what was delivered, thou it was not delivered same day. I will buy again next time. Thank you

Y Baram

Very good product. Screen protector need to be bought additionally


I purchased an Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB. They say that the phone is unlocked but it is NOT and the only way to get it unlocked is to go to the original carrier, however it is impossible to find out who the carrier was. I bought 3 different SIM cards none of them worked. Talked to so many different carriers to resolve the issue and nothing was resolved. I sent the phone back, got my refund, and purchase a phone directly from Apple. I wish I could get all my time and energy back I used to try and get this phone to work. Disappointed.

Elkie Z

它花了一些时间才到达。 但是除此之外,这是一笔很棒的交易,有精美的图片,尽管它相当沉重。 但是iPhone不适合我,我要回到三星


I was initially skeptical about buying goods online and making payment first before delivered. Overall, I can't speak for other online store, but Gradiant Holdings gave me a very good phone! However, I would recommend buying from a reputable store.

Kyle Peter

I guess people who didn't get that they ordered are more inclined to write a bad review compared to people who got what they ordered and never bothered to come back and write a review about this.
But I came back here to say that this is not a scam! (for me at least).

David C

I was pretty skeptical after reading other reviews, but the price was pretty good and Gradiant Holdings has always been a secure source to buy from, so I ordered mine Friday, it came same day. I got exactly what I paid for, I'm definitely happy with the purchase. Not going into specific details about the laptop itself because there's a million other detailed reviews of it on YouTube, mainly just writing a review to explain my purchase experience.


我大约3个月前就收到了Macbook,我喜欢它。 到目前为止,我还没有遇到任何问题,蝶形键盘问题还没有发生在我身上,计算机超级快,并且非常适合用作程序员。


I am from Taiwan, I bought the X of 256gb, the truth was something nervous to be rebuilt, but I receive it (a day earlier than planned), and I consider this is the best business that can be done, the phone is 100 % sealed and original with it 1yr warranty, and I also got free tempered glass, it's like buying it from Apple. Thank you Gradiant Holdings I will buy again someday.

Chang W

I loved how smooth my order went. Everything sealed and new 100% original with it warranty. I am very glad with this purchase and definitely recommend buying from them. Very skeptical before buying but now having the product it is definitely worth a buy if you are looking for a good phone.

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